9 Reasons Why the Public Toilets Doors Has A Gap


A public restroom surely isn’t the most pleasant place we have to visit. When using a public toilet, you have probably wondered why the doors don’t reach the floor and why they prevent you from doing your private business privately? The answer is, it’s not done to embarrass you. There are actually several very good reasons for it and we at Bright Side wanted to tell you about them.

1- Easy to maintain cleaning

Public toilets are frequently used, and it is necessary to maintain their hygiene. The door gap at the bottom helps the custodian clean the bathroom quickly and easily.

2- You can call emergency instantly

It is not a surprise when someone faints in a bathroom. After such incidents, we are easily noticed in our house, but a high door will help call for emergencies in a public restroom. This way, anyone who comes in can notice that the person inside is not well and can unlock the door without breaking it to help you.

Sometimes public places are used for some missteps. But these doors will not allow such inappropriate behaviors due to the lack of privacy. You get a higher level of monitoring and prevention of inappropriate behavior.

4- It is cost-effective

On the positive side, such doors help the business owners to save some costs. A full door may require more material and a precise design, which directly increases the overall budget. Therefore, it is easier for business owners to buy and install doors with a gap to save some money.

5- Better odor ventilation

It will sometimes be difficult to get rid of unpleasant odor in a fully enclosed restroom. But a door gap at the bottom will work as a ventilator and drives all the bad smell outside much faster due to frequent air circulation.

6- Easy to check its availability

The door gap will help you avoid experiencing awkward situations. You can easily check whether the toilet is available or not.

7- Lock jam savior

Imagine being locked in a completely closed bathroom. Public places are usually too noisy, and it is difficult to get help in such situations. So these gates will be your life saver as you can crawl down from them to escape yourself.

8- Keeps the line moving

Due to the lack of privacy, users can’t use public toilets for such long. They always try to do their business as soon as possible, which helps in speeding up the traffic.

9- You can easily share the toilet paper

No wonder, if you run out of toilet paper, you can just ask the person in the washroom next to you for the toilet roll.


So you see these doors are built on the purpose to help you not to embarrass you. I hope this article will be helpful for you to understand the logic behind having high doors in public bathrooms.