Why Are Men Escaping To Their Bathrooms?


We do, in reality, use the toilet on a daily basis. However, it is also valid that such usage might be for other reasons at times. The bathroom is more than just a place to dump urine or feces. Instead, it should serve as a spot where people can relax. According to a recent analysis (source: Pebble Grey), this is primarily responsible For adults, who spend an average of 7 hours a year in the restroom.

Of note, finding some alone time is always a challenge. The bathroom, on the other hand, is one of the easiest ways to solve such a dilemma. Below are some of the reasons why men escape to the bathroom.

1- Privacy and quiet time

One of the clearest reasons why men hide in their toilets is for this purpose. They’re looking for some peace and calm. However, such may not be possible due to their partners nagging continuously and making unnecessary demands That may also be attributed to the presence of loud children. For them, the bathroom is an ideal escape path. It gives them the chance to get some peace and quiet.

2- Avoiding chores

Another clear explanation that men would like to waste time in their toilets. There are moments that they would like to use their computers rather than do household tasks. According to the findings of the survey, about 25% of men think this approach is beneficial because it helps them cope with the demands that come with doing household chores.

3- Safety


About 23% of men consider their bathrooms to be a safe haven. They see it as the ideal place to find happiness while being hidden from others. About 10% of men have also devised plans to store different objects such as food, magazines, and books in such a location. This is seen as a way to pass the time.

4- Do not disturb

When you’re hiding in the shower, you might get interrupted. It is one of the reasons that certain households use the Do Not Disturb

5- Staying away from the outside world

For certain guys, the toilet is a haven. Closing the door itself gives them the impression that the events of the outer world have been put on hold. The bathroom may seem unusual in this respect, but it is very effective.

There are far too many things going on in the house. It may be overbearing children or even wives making one or two demands. For the time being, these men need an escape path. They believe that toilets are ideal for this reason.

6- For improved mental health

Why do you think men would like to shut their eyes, explore their tablets, read books, or even look at their ceilings in the bathroom? Why do they have to choose the bathroom out of all the rooms in their house?

The majority of men in the United States who see their toilets as safe havens have one main purpose in mind: to improve their mental health. Managing a family comes with an excessive amount of tension. When they have a quiet moment, it can be very valuable.

7- Women are also guilty of hiding

Women also tend, tend to hide in their toilets this may be attributed to the pressures of trying to provide for their children on a daily basis. They sometimes just want to be alone for a while. This may also occur if they seem to be frustrated with their partners or with someone else. Also, women keep snacks in their bathrooms.


What are your thoughts on the bathroom as an ideal place for men and women to rest? Are you using this room for the same thing?